Up party theme

I love attending birthday parties! My friend's son turned one the other weekend in Irvine, so I took my daughter with me to the party to celebrate.

I knew from the invite it would be an Up party theme, but wow, my friends really used their creative muscle on this party. As you can see from the photos below, their photo booth came with Ellie, Russell and Carl from the movie, the decor was infused with maps and a whimsical feel from the Disney movie, the drinks were "green" by using glass bottles for  guests, and the Snipe bar had all the sweets Russell and Kevin would have liked.

The thank you goodie bag was age appropriate too for children under one and older than one. How thoughtful! The fabulous party was even more awesome with homemade cinnamon and chocolate cupcakes as well.

Hope this party provides inspiration for your next shindig or celebration!


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