Wasa Sushi

(Editor note: My apologies if you've seen these pics on Shopserenesky instagram already. I thought my anniversary dinner deserved a blog post. )

A few weeks ago, hubby and I celebrated our seven year anniversary. We thought about where to go eat and he suggested we find a restaurant at Irvine Spectrum. I'm glad he picked sushi. Yum!

We ordered the albacore with crispy onion, shiitake mushroom & enoki mushroom bacon yakitori, and tuna with wasabi cream.

Wow, everything was so fresh and delicious. It was like food heaven! I think of the three items my favorite had to be the albacore with crispy onion. It was a contrast of sweet and crunch! It is a must when you order there.

Hope my pictures inspire you to be adventurous on your next meal!


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