Maui: Fave Hawaiian snacks

Ohemgee! I would grow fat if I lived in Maui. So many good Hawaiian snacks and foods. Here's a glimpse of what I had in our pantry and fridge last week.

My favorite Hawaiian soda is the Pass-o-guava and lilukoi passion flavors. Macadamia nut anything - I got milk chocolate macadamia nuts, honey roasted macadamia nuts, and my fave Kauai Kookie Chocolate Chip Macadamia.

Pog juice is a must. It's passion orange and guava juice. Super refreshing! If they had this on the mainland, I'd be a goner!

Coconut syrup went perfectly with blueberry pancakes. We brought the bottle home so I can continue my Island state of mind.
Sweet potato and taro chips. I wish I tried these when I saw it in the store. Instead, we tried the Maui onion flavored potato chips. Heavenly, especially for someone who hates onions!


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