OCFW Sugar Rush: Charmosa

Last month, I had the pleasure of participating and attending Orange County Fashion Week opening night at 7 Degrees in Laguna Beach. My business, Serene Sky Boutique, hosted a pop up shop there that night.

Opening night included guest speakers talking about fashion and social media. Hillary Gadsby from Stiletto Gal, Neel Grover CEO of BlueFly.com, Rose Olson Januzzi - COO of Chinese Laundry, Sarah DeAnna - Supermodel and Author of Supermodel YOU, Lash Fary - CEO of DistinctiveAssets.com, Kelli Ellis - Celebrity Interior Designer, Frances Harder - CEO of Fashion Business Inc, Scott Shaw - Attorney at Cal Jenson. The main point was to be authentic.

To save the best for last, there were runway shows from Kiko, Indie Soul, Charmosa, Don Cheng, Liberate, and SWAV. My camera was only able to capture Charmosa swimwear - which had to be my favorite line of the night. Being a beachy California girl, I loved the vibe of this Brazillian swimwear line. I met founder Neide and she's such a sweetheart too. I learned she's from the Bay Area too. Aren't these pieces so wearable? 

Do you recognize the male model? He's Mike from ANTP. Cool, huh?


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