OC Fashion Week: Avant Garde

Anqi served as day three of OC Fashion Week. I attended as a blogger and stood with the photographers while VIPs sat at tables and munched on garlic noodles. The Avant Garde show did not disappoint. Host Emily Loftiss kept the energy going in between designers and did great introducing the show. I chose a few favorite looks from the designers. Hope you enjoy! 

Antonella Commatteo - First alpaca designer in the US. I never knew alpaca could look so red carpet like. Love it!

Coral Castillo: my favorite from last year's Haute Couture show at Dawson Cole gallery. The mix of sheer and lace is so elegant and ladylike. She's my favorite designer at OC Fashion Week so far.

Jessica Huerta Madem Black - The theme of this line was latex. Very unique line.

Calvin Hiep - A stunning way to end the runway show. I loved the modern interpretation of Vietnamese ao dai. The foxxy lashes and braided hair was beyond words. I loved how the beauty look complimented the exquisite dresses. I found out from my sister in law that he's a famous designer in Little Saigon. How cool!


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