Fashion Profile: Renee Rogers

Editor note: I interviewed blogger, fashion designer and video producer Renee Rogers. She's all around awesome. 

Tell me about yourself.

I've been in the fashion industry for awhile. I attended FIDM and started out designing for Anchor Blue. With the rocky economy at the time, I decided to create something of my very own, which ended up being my style site, I sought to highlight other designers and artists by filming interviews with them about their unique career paths and taking a peek inside their closets to discover their favorite pieces. With the success of these videos I began to have more opportunities filming for brands and other fashion related companies. I then started a small production company, Blythe Films. where I work with a film crew in creating content such as video lookbooks or photoshoot behind-the-scenes videos.

Having always known I would one day start designing a line of my own, I then created 16th Colony, which is a California Inspired Outerwear line. Right now, I focus mainly on handmade ponchos.

What inspired 16th colony?

When I was first working on Hanger Shortage, I was also freelance designing a lot, mainly from home. During this time I felt a freedom in wearing whatever I wanted, which ended up mostly being an old poncho that I had. Wearing this made me feel a very certain way - artistic and carefree - and that sensation was something I wanted to re-create for other people with my designs.

What fun film projects have you done?

 I've worked on a variety of really fun projects, a few that stand out, off the top of my head would have to be the Style Interview video I shot with the designers of Stone_Cold_Fox and a really fun behind-the-scenes video for the brand Willow and Clay. Currently, I just wrapped up a shoot with Briana Rene Bridal - a line of custom bridal jewelry designed by a local Laguna Beach designer.

What do you love about blogging?

 As I mentioned, Hanger Shortage is the first of all my business endeavors, so I think in some ways it will always have a special little place with me. It's what helped me launch into creating the unique path for myself and design the life that fits me best. I love blogging because just like with my brand 16th Colony, there are no rules. I experiment with the blog all the time by writing and posting about a large variety of things, which all end up having to do with something along the lines of fashion, art, or photography, etc.

Any future plans you can reveal?

I design a lot of my own clothes and often get stopped and asked about the pieces I make. Recently, I decided to produce some of these pieces as limited edition items that can be purchased and made to order. I'm excited about that - so keep an eye out for it.

Check out the sites at:
16th Colony -
Instagram @16thcolony

Hanger Shortage Blog -
Instagram @hangershortage


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