Fashion Profile: Lily Fassnacht

Tell me about yourself.
 I am a twenty one year old fashion photographer obsessed with new and different styles. I enjoy frenchfries and bulldogs. OC/LA.
What's your go to style?
My go to style is high wasted shorts and a colorful crop, topped off with necklaces and multiple rings.
What got you into photography?
My dads film Canon Ae1, and the love for taking fun selfies with my girlfriends back in middle school.
Any future plans you can reveal?
My future plans are to intern with amazing fashion photographers to building my name and business, Also to attend Cal Sate Fullerton for my BFA.

For photography bookings, visit .

Editor Note: Lily is an amazing photographer who shot Serene Sky's Gypsy Native Lookbook. She's awesome and you should book Lily if you ever need a photographer.


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