Fashion Profile: Yvonne Sturgeon

Tell me about yourself and Wandering Y Designs. How did you come about starting Wandering Y Designs?
Growing up in West Virginia, I was known to be a bit of a wild child.  With 200 acres of horse farm to ride around on, it was hard knowing where you might find me. 
Early on, I had a desire to not only see the world, but to learn from and embrace it. This desire only grew after my first solo trip abroad at the age of 14.  After studying in Paris in my twenties, my love of different cultures and their history began to influence my ideas on design and aesthetic as well.

Having always been a free spirit when it came to fashion, the idea for making my own pieces arose simply out of that wanderlust spirit.  Never finding quite what I was looking for, the work ethic I was raised with kicked in gear and I decided to just start making things myself. When people started wanting to buy right off the street from me, I knew I was on to something.

Finding that one special piece to work with, or taking something old and making it new again–knowing that someone will truly have a one-of-a-kind piece–is the intention behind everything I design.

Where do you find inspirations for your products?
I really have always been fascinated by world cultures.  I began studying them in high school (on my own), and from there took several classes in college.  Learning not only how other people live but their inherent belief structure- their morals, even- and how they adorn themselves I find quite inspiring.  There is a link binding us as human beings, but the evolution of self-expression has always been directly tied to a society and its culture.  My own evolution, really, is to continue to learn and be inspired to create pieces that embrace that world spirit.

Any future plans you can reveal?
I will be heading out on a cross-country road trip this summer in search of lost treasure to integrate into new designs (and visit family back east), and I will be in Turkey and Greece next spring.  I have a friend in Istanbul who I cannot wait to visit- he knows one of the premier jewelry designers in the world who lives there and I will be visiting his studio!!
*Also I have begun to work with vintage textiles and leather; hand making bags, clutches, and pillows.  Each of them is oak, and I am learning some leather dying techniques for some of my ideas to come to life!


Editor Note: I met Yvonne at Sourced Collective recently. She's a great lady with a great spirit and I'm glad I had the pleasure to meet her.


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