Lean In - book review

I have always been pro-women. I believe women should support each other personally and professionally.I was really inspired when reading Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In. I love her message that says don't be afraid to lean into your career even though you are about to start a family or have a family. I love that she turned down positions when it wasn't the right fit. I love how she wants women to excel in male dominated fields. I love that she wants to lean in with the help of her family.

Some ways this book has changed me to lean in:
-support fellow women by collaborating through business, blogger collaborations, and advice
-encourage other women entrepreneurs 
-be vocal with what you want personally and professionally
-to try to balance it all the best way you know how
-be vocal when you've exhausted your resources and need help. It is okay to lean in to a spouse or family. We are not superwomen.
-love her message about banning bossy. When men take charge, they are considered powerful but when women act the same, it is being bossy. We need to teach people early on that we are equals. 

Lean In is a very inspirational book and I recommend every woman read it.


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