Fashion Profile: Erin Foley

Tell me about yourself and Uptown Girl Boutique.
After spending countless hours styling my Barbie dolls as a little girl, I knew my calling was in the fashion industry. I graduated from Appalachian State University in 2007 where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Apparel and Textiles.  I’ve been a buyer for the past seven years, but began buying for Uptown Girl one year ago when I moved cross country from NC to California.

       Uptown Girl is a contemporary women’s boutique that prides itself on being very unique, and always having a positive laid back vibe while you shop.  My style has been compared to a chameleon in the past, and I try to bring that same aesthetic to the boutique. Whether you’re boho or preppy, we have something that works for you!

What do you love about fashion?
Umm…what do I NOT love about fashion? I love that is way to express yourself without words. When you walk into a room, people can already tell something about your personality just by the way you are dressed. I also love to mix and match price points. There is nothing better than pairing something high end with a good thrift store find. When I put together an outfit for myself or a customer, it feels like I’m creating art. Fashion gives me the creative outlet I need in my day to day life.

What makes  Uptown Girl unique?
The wide variety of merchandise definitely sets us apart from others. As I touched on earlier, no matter your personal style we try to have something that works for every person that walks through our door. We have also developed a reputation of being the place to go when you need something to wear on a date, or a night out. Overall, I think our customers keep coming back for the overall experience. Not only do they love the clothes they find, they love the genuine help they receive from the staff, and the conversations that take place within these walls. If you follow our instagram @uptowngirlca, you know you we do not take ourselves too seriously!

Any future plans you can reveal about yourself or Uptown Girl?We’re always looking for new designers and new opportunities to get involved in the community and grow our business. Stay tuned because we’re just getting started!

(Editor’s Note: I met Erin at Uptown Girl and immediately loved her easy going personality. Stay tuned for  collaboration announcement with Serene Sky. )


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