Tech Thursday

Hope you enjoyed my Tech Thursday post a couple weeks ago. Here's a new Tech Thursday tidbit today.

I absolutely love Instagram and actually have three accounts - family, blogger and boutique. Please follow me at @sunnynblue and @shopserenesky.

I have several apps I use to prep my photo posts such as:

Whitagram - to fit the square size of your photo without having to crop it, get this app.

Photogrid - if you have a lot of photos that you want to put in a collage, this is a great and easy to use app.

Photorepost - if you want to regram a great photo and quote it, this is a great app to use.

Flipagram - have you seen those cool photo collages that automatically scroll through photos with music too? This app does the trick.

Instagrab - This app allows you to regram videos that you like.

PS Express - This is an awesome Photoshop mini version. You can auto enhance photos and rotate them. There are also built in filters too, which by the way I'm not a believer of filters. I prefer auto enhance here.

Instavid - This app lets you make a photo and video collage. It's awesome if you want to mix video and photos together.

Over - I found this app in the App store when they had a special promotion. If you have a photo you like and want to add text over it, this is the ticket. It comes in with built in fonts and is a lifesaver for me.

Camera+ - This is one of my few paid apps, but I love it. To me the camera here is better than the built in iPhone one. It has no click sound so it always throws off people when they take pictures with my iPhone. 

What do you think? What are your favorite Instagram photography apps?


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