An Evening with Trendsetter & Author Allie Kingsley 10/29

Editors Note: One of my brand partners Gail from Cayetano Legacy invited me to this event on Wednesday. I would love to go but already committed to another event. I'd love to extend the invitation to my dear Sunny N Blue readers. Have fun! 

An Evening With Trendsetter & Author, Allie Kingsley
- This Wednesday, October 29 -
Have you always wanted a career in fashion but not sure which direction to go?

Learn how author & trendsetter, Allie Kingsley, turned her love for fashion into a lifestyle that supports her creative endeavors, as well as her income!

Join us for an intimate Q&A session with the writer & trendsetter herself, as she shares her findings on individual style, how to pitch what you love, and her personal story of how she has navigated the fashion world in a manner that suited her taste and lifestyle.

Kendra Gratteri, Director of Merchandising & Design for Beachmint brands, will be interviewing Allie! 

Learn more about Kendra & register for the event here.

* In collaboration with Cayetano Legacy Collection
* Venue sponsored by Maker City LA


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