#Care4Boobies C4 Belts Standup for the Cure

It's October and Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have had two Godmothers affected by the disease and even had a blogger friend design a bracelet for my boutique ShopSereneSky.com and proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness.

A great campaign happening now is C4 Belts is launching #Care4Boobies to educate and raise money to battle Breast Cancer! Use code CARE4Boobies during checkout at www.c4belts.com to receive $5 off your purchase,  donate $5 off your purchase, and donate $5 to C4's Breast Cancer partner Standup for the Cure! If you post a picture of you holding or wearing your new C4 Belt and tag @c4belts and #Care4Boobies, C4 will donate and additional $5 to the cause.

How awesome is that! Hope you can support C4 Belt's cause. Don't forget to do your monthly self breast exam and get your scheduled mammogram. I plan on getting my first mammogram next month.

 (Editor's Note: images courtesy of C4Belts.com. Many thanks to Maile Cabral and Robbie Hart for the campaign information and imagery.)


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