Fashion Profile: Brittaney Elise

Tell me about yourself and your business. 
BE by Brittaney Elise is a modern eclectic lifestyle brand incorporating fashion and interiors under one roof in a versatile way. 

With backgrounds in both interior architecture + design and fashion, Brittaney Elise set out to bring to life a vision that first came to her over 10 years ago, fusing together both passions.

History, solid lines, and intricate detail inspire her constant desire to create in beautiful ways in everything that surrounds her and her clients. Adapting to each individual client's needs and dreams, BE brings her touch of beauty and personal lifestyle influence into the day-to-day lives of each relationship she builds over time, while physically building an individualized space and wardrobe that wouldn't be made possible to see without her sight. 

There is a message here: BE light, BE love, BE-you-tiful in all that you touch and you too will see nothing less than beauty begin to surround you.

What makes BE. unique?
I wanted to create a lifestyle brand based on how I live - versatile, comfortable, chic, color-resilient, & stylish elements encompassing every individualistic environment. Head to toe; home to home.

Both the buzz of this city and the calm of these beaches inspire a flow that is graciously striking. The background and passion for interior architecture & design, its history, its present influence, every solid line, and every intricate detail fuel the desire to create, create, create.

My heart is one hundred percent in all that I do.
BE harvests a passion, ease, and forward pop. Simultaneously standing out while blending in - allowing the heart to do just that: BE.
(Editor's Note: 
I was first introduced to Brittaney via email and love how she infuses fashion and design together so seamlessly. 
Her blog is bursting with colorful photos,  interior design tid bits, her Friday favorites, and inspiration from current projects. Be sure to check out Brittaney's blog here: WWW.WORDPRESS.BRITTANEYELISE.COM )

(Photos courtesy of Brittaney Elise)


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