OC Fashion Week : 7 Deadly Sins

(Editor's Note: Last month, Team Serene Sky and my blogger friends attended OC Fashion Week's 7 Deadly Sins at Nolet Spirits in Aliso Viejo. Marion from Serene Sky wrote this blog post about OCFW. Enjoy!)

How amazing to look how stylists create their own style with Make up. The 7 deadly sins were all represented : the temptation was hard to resist ! All designers didbeautiful work and it was an awesome competition that everyone will remember forever. Serene Sky Boutique was so glad to be part of it ! We congratulate all the makeup artists for their incredible work of true art and congratulations to Henry Rasu, the winner of this wonderful competition ! And thanks to Manna Kadar Cosmetics for all the beautiful make up. If only we could we would have taken everything with us.



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