San Francisco: Angkor Borei

On Day 1 of my Bay Area trip, I had dinner in Bernal Heights with my friend Brandi. We decided on Angkor Borei Cambodian Restaurant. 

We had a Cambodian crepe which had ground meat, shrimp and fresh vegetables. It reminded me of the Vietnamese Banh Xeo. It was a perfect appetizer and very light.

Brandi told me that Cambodian cooking is known for ginger so we decided on ginger chicken. It had tons of garlic slices so I loved it.

To finish the meal, we got Cambodian cold noodles. It had vermicelli noodles on the side with bean sprouts and vegetables. The waitress mixed it with hot green curry. The curry had a hint of lime flavor and was perfect dish for our dinner.

If you're ever in SF, definitely check out this restaurant.


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