Lift , tone and burn at Pure Barre OC

If you follow my @SunnyNBlueBlog instagram, you probably saw some photos from my Pure Barre OC workouts. I  finished two weeks of classes recently with the Pure Barre Newport Beach and Huntington Beach studios earlier this month.

I love group classes and have tried kickboxing, yoga and spinning in the past but have always wanted to try Pure Barre.  A Pure Barre class is not like anything I've tried before. It's cardio but really fun. I noticed a lot of moves based on yoga and ballet during my workouts. During my time at the Pure Barre OC studios, I loved the sense of camaraderie among fellow students and instructors. The classes feel like a little community for an hour.

Some highlights:
They have the cutest workout gear. If the headbands, sports bra and  clothing doesn't make you want to work out, I don't know what will. Pure Barre also carries their own apparel line as well.

The bar work kicked my butt. Holding a ball between your thighs seems easy but made my thighs shake shake shake. I thought of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off Song as I tried this move. One plie move me feel like a powerful ballerina. Yay!

I loved the plank, cat, and cow moves for my back, but the abs workout was killer. It hurt so good. The ball behind the back was awesome for protecting my back too. It was great motivation to see myself in the mirror too.

 The toe socks are so fun! I love seeing my feet in them as I work out. Also, don't forget to stay hydrated. The Pure Barre workouts are no walk in the park.

I loved that the Pure Barre work out is just for you. I liked sweating it off, being away from social media, squeezing in me time, and being away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The Pure Barre definitely gets you that toned body but  helps you stay focused and recharged during and after class.

I can see why Pure Barre gets all the accolades from the press. You definitely feel the burn while you tone and lift your body. I can see why women and men are addicted to Pure Barre and there is a Pure Barre family.

I loved the staff and team at Pure Barre. They made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Pictured are Vanessa running the front desk  and Sophie who was one of my instructors at Pure Barre Huntington Beach. This studio was conveniently located at Starbucks in case you needed an additional morning or afternoon jolt.

And last but not least, I learned how to get a lifted seat. This graceful move at the bar just uses a few movements and opened my tight hips while working on lifting my booty. 

Hope you enjoyed my workout highlights at Pure Barre OC. I visited the Huntington Beach and Newport Beach studios, but there are also Irvine and Mission Viejo studios that you can check out. I definitely recommend Pure Barre OC -- the classes are addicting. 

More info:
Pure Barre Huntington Beach
 7101 Yorktown Avenue #101, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

(714) 330-9001

Pure Barre Newport Beach

 234 East 17th Street #116, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 230-9131

Instagram: @purebarreoc
Web site:

(Editor's note: My Pure Barre OC classes were complimentary. All opinions expressed are solely mine. Photo credit: Pure Barre OC team and me. Many thanks to front desk Vanessa & Sydney, instructors Allison, Laura, Sophie, and Dana, and of course to Melissa and Monica for the awesome Pure Barre OC classes.  )


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