San Francisco: Desigual

Desigual is a brand I discovered on my Spain honeymoon in 2006 . This was before the globalization of fashion and ecommerce sites, back when each country or state had its own unique boutiques, brands and fashion.

I tend to dress more conservatively so the styles are for a definitely bolder and brighter.  I really liked their  lips dress, black and white sheath dress, and black and white overcoat.

The visual merchandising of the whole store was amazing. I loved the chairs hanging on the wall with clothing displayed next to it. The mannequins were front and center with the latest styles placed on them. And who can beat a vintage Volkswagon van in the front of the store. (I wish my parents kept their blue one in the 80s. )

I really love how Desigual looks different from the other stores and brands in the US. It's great to know that even though they are a foreign brand that they have still kept their unique flair to stand out in the marketplace.


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