San Francisco: Ghiradelli ice cream

Ghiradelli is to San Francisco as peanut butter is to jelly.

For a native Californian and occasional San Francisco tourist, I have never tried Ghiradelli ice cream. I finally had a chance during my last San Francisco visit. We ate Italian at Piazza Pellegrini with the family and a girlfriend and wanted to get ice cream elsewhere. Because it was raining the closest spot was Ghiradelli in the Westfield San Francisco mall. The food court was super cute with lots of neat options.

The Ghiradelli dessert menu was extensive. We decided on a vanilla on a waffle bowl and sea salt caramel ice cream sundae. The sundae was so decadent and amazing. For the first time in my life,  I could not finish it all and good thing because I was sharing with a girlfriend.

I definitely suggest you try a Ghiradelli ice cream dessert on your next visit.


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