San Francisco: Piazza Pellegrini

I'm not gonna lie but I love carbs. I don't think I can ever go an Atkins diet like my hubby or bro in law because I love pasta and bread too much.

For our rainy night San Francisco dinner, a girlfriend suggested an Italian restaurant but we had to quickly change plans because it was closed due to a private event. We went to our trusty Yelp and found Piazza Pellegrini.

Upon walking to the cute street side restaurant in North Hill of San Francisco, we were quickly seated near the window. They were so sweet and brought out bread, olive oil and balsamic as they knew we were hungry. Our table ordered angelhair with mushroom and, roast chicken, lasagna, and margherita pizza. Everything was homemade and amazing. The service was on top of it even though we had a large party.

More info:
Piazza Pellegrini Yelp link


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