San Francisco: Uniqlo Flagship

On my previous San Francisco visit, I saw a construction sign that a Uniqlo flagship store was coming to San Francisco. The grand opening date was after my visit so imagine my disappointment.

This time around, I was able to walk to the Uniqlo Flagship hotel from our Parc 55 hotel. This Uniqlo did not disappoint. It definitely reminded me of my New York experience in Soho and why I fell in love with this brand that my hubby introduced to me after his Tokyo business trips. The price points are amazing and they offer the perfect basics.

I was able to get a black long sleeve tee along with some other basics for me and hubby. The visual merchandising and colors were amazing. I loved a few things in the store like this wool blended collarless coat; the camel is sold out but they have a black available online. The Not Not Asking sweatshirt I love was not online, but I love this Jack Pierson sweatshirt too.

Be sure to visit this store if you are ever in Union Square in San Francisco.


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