UCLA Hammer Museum

Yesterday, I had a LA adventure with my mom and it was so fun. We went to the UCLA Hammer Museum which happens to be free admission. 

Today is the last day of the Provocations: The Architecture and Design of Heatherwick Studio exhibit. I learned that the Heatherwick Studio is responsible for amazing architectural projects in the US, UK, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, South Africa and China. I have included my favorites below.

Spun chairs were so much fun to play in. Check my Instagram to see me try it out. 

Longchamp collaborated with the Heatherwick Studio to create these zipper handbags. So gorgeous!
This UK Pavillon is amazing and looks like a koosh ball. It sure makes me itchy though.
This Hong Kong building is made of little boxes. I love the texture of the exterior.
A garden over the Thames River. How pretty bringing nature into architecture!
A storefront put these optical threads to give some structure to a storefront.
A UK store display and architecture display for British Fashion Week

Charles Gaines Gridwork was another favorite of mine. This exhibit ends today too so hurry and catch it. With just acrylic and paint, he created this whimsical trees paired in three or six for this exhibit.

Some other works I viewed included:
The People’s United Nations (pUN) by Pedro Reyes. Some works were too abstract for me, but I loved this gun with a rose coming out. It reminded me of peace and love instead of war and destruction.

I loved this oil on acrylic painting. This woman had this dewy glow.

This pencil colored rubbing was so simple and pretty. One of my other favorites.

The UCLA Hammer Museum is located on Wilshire and Westwood. Hope you have a chance to visit the lovely Heatherwick Studio and Gaines today!


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