Happy July 4 everyone! Does anyone have plans for Independence Day? Hope you have a great holiday weekend! I'll be spending time with family and celebrating my dad's birthday. Yay!

Recently, my brother introduced me to a new ice cream place in Santa Ana owned by his friend. I was immediately impressed with their offerings for liquid nitrogen ice cream. It was packed for a Sunday afternoon. It's so fun seeing the staff create the ice cream too right in front of your eyes.

He tried the foie gras which was very savory with raspberry drizzle. I tried the milk and cereal ice cream. I loved this ice cream. It was a light milky ice cream topped with yummy Frosted Flakes. It reminded me of my childhood eating Frosted Flakes and watching cartoons.

Be sure to check out this spot in the South Coast Metro! I definitely recommend it, it's so delicious.

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