4th Street Market featuring PFC, MAR and Chunk N Chip

Have you been to 4th Street Market in Santa Ana? I am loving that Orange County is home to all these foodie places.

I went a few weeks ago with hubby on date night and we got to try so many things. We loved everything - the vibe, decor, people watching, and food of course.

He tried PFC and got the spicy fried chicken with ranch dressing. We love fried chicken and this spicy flavor was a hit. You have to go if you love spicy!
I went to MAR known for their poke bowls. I made my own with salmon and tuna fish, mango, avocado, ginger and spicy sauce. It was the best poke bowl I've had though I wish there was more seafood. To accompany my meal, I got their popular guava lemonade. It was a meal that made me miss Hawaii.

We attended RAW Artists OC show that night. Stay tuned for a blog post! To end our date night, we got drinks and desserts. I got a rose and he got a beer at Recess by Playground. I wish they put it in glasses though for Instagram worthy photos.

Before the drive home, I also got Chunk N Chip. It's so neat they have a storefront as I remember getting them when they had their food truck at OC Fair. I did two flavors - orange blossom and strawberry fig with black pepper ice cream sandwiched by snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies. So divine and messy!

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