Fashion Profile: Dhrumil Desai

(Editor's Note: You are invited to meet Dhrumil Desai and view his art show at RAW Natural Born Artists this Saturday August 8, 2015 6pm. Purchase a ticket to support Dhrumil Desai here. I will be covering the event as well. - Donna) 

Tell me about yourself. 
I was born and raised in India and moved to the US during high school. After attending three different high schools, I went to UCSD to study Chemistry. During the summer break before my last year, I was going to Europe for vacation and I didn’t have a camera. Not even a point and shoot. This was way before iPhone cameras were any good. So I bought a Nikon digital SLR thinking, "I need a nice camera to take nice pictures.” I “took” some nice photos on my trip. After graduating, I was taking a year off before going to Medical school. During that time, long story short, photography just took over my mind and I had to pursue it professionally. Fast forward a year, I took the leap of faith and without any prior professional photography experience, I just started building my fashion portfolio. That was about 2.5 years ago and since then I have made fashion, commercial, advertising, and editorial imagery. 

What do you love about fashion photography?
When photography was just a hobby, it was more of a social thing. But once I had taken the leap of faith in pursuing photography professionally, it was about making compelling images that sell to your clients. What I love about fashion photography is the creative process involved in the making of the images. Its unlike photojournalism where you go out and document the events and your surroundings.
I like fashion photography because it involves the creative process from pre-production to post-production. My images may make it look like things just happened, but it is always planned to be that way. Its all about the team work and thats why my team is amazing.

What makes your photography unique?
I have been told by a lot of ad agencies and Photo Editors that I have this unique style that is consistent with all my work. You will have to experience my work to see that - A lot of my work is shot on location and I almost always use artificial lighting in creating my images. Majority of my work is in color right now. I always aim for clean images that are true and consistent to everything I shoot. I try to bring out the sophisticated and stylish character in all my images.

Any future plans you can reveal about yourself or your photography? 
Currently, I have been putting a lot of effort in working with celebrities and getting a Photo Rep. Also, I have been doing these special stills which have a small repeating movement in them and are known by the public as animated GIFs. You can check them out at

Come follow me on Instagram at to follow my journey and evolution as a fashion photographer. Or like my page on Facebook at to stay up to date with the latest in my photography world.

(Photography by Dhrumil Desai; please credit photos used in caption and image)


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