Skin Laundry

Happy New Years Eve! How will you end 2015 tonight? We have been in Temecula all week for a staycation and loving it.

Last week, my sister and I tried a new beauty treatment at Skin Laundry in Fashion Island. The first treatment was free so we definitely had to try it.

First, we get a make up remover pad to remove our make up except eye make up. Then, we fill out our first name to sign in. Next, I was directed to a room asking about skin and medical history to ensure no complications or contradictions. I lay down on a bed kind of like a dentist chair but you're laying down. The nurse applies goggles on you and then explains the treatment. A light laser is applied all over the face with the nurse warning you which area she will apply. The feeling is like tiny needle pinches but  they don't hurt. After the laser, the nurse applies a cooling gel all over the face and then a bright light is applied all over your face. The nurse explains that this helps with hyperpigmentation which has been one of my skin concerns.

The immediate benefits I noticed after the treatment was over was my skin felt like it had a deep cleaning without the long facial. My skin felt softer and radiant too. JLo here I come! I can't wait to come back for more treatments.

More info:
Skin Laundry Web site


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