iRobot Braava Robot 380t

My brother spoiled us with a floor mopping robot this Christmas. We've already given him a name - Mr. Roboto.

This cool robot is perfect for mopping our wood floors. When you first get it out of the box, you have to charge it up and insert some liquid like water or a floor cleaner into the reservoir along before the microfiber cleansing cloth. We love the almond scented Method sqirt + mop wood floor cleaner as our floor cleaner. Watching it go is pretty neat. It has an internal GPS so that it knows which area it has cleaned and what areas to avoid (walls, speakers, chairs, rugs). The robot is really quiet so it's perfect to run at night when we go to bed.

If you are into gadgets and not into mopping, I definitely recommend this iRobot for your house.

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