Nume Classic Wand Reverse

Happy Tuesday babes! I have been a fan of beachy waves ever since  Serena van der Woodsen aka Blake Lively rocked them on Gossip Girl on CW.

I was excited when I saw LA blogger Sofia Nilsson (@reduxsquad) promote the Nume Classic Wand Reverse on her Instagram. The Nume wand was on sale for $9.99 during last year's Black Friday. This curling wand is valued at $139 so I definitely had to hop on this promotion.

I'm usually not very good with gadgets but the wand design and heat resistant glove make it so easy and effortless. My hairstylist also told me to curl away from your face to get those effortless curls.

I have used my Nume wand twice and love the results. My stick straight hair transforms into Blake Lively waves for a night. I usually use Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray for extra volume too. I love this Nume wand!

More info:
Nume Web site

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