Ruen Pair

Last Saturday, I had a Hollywood adventure with friends . We checked out Upright Comedy Brigade and watched an improv show. Then, we are in nearby Thaitown.

We went to a busy plaza where Ruen Pair was located. There was a minimal wait for our late night dinner. 

They had an expansive menu. We wanted to try everything but decided on a few things for our party of six.
The pad kee mow aka drunken noodles was amazing. Perfect amount of spice!

Tom kha soup had the perfect balance of lemongrass and coconut milk.
This sizzling beef platter was spicy yet had spicy fish sauce to accompany it.
My first time ever trying green curry was great. It tasted like yellow curry but a spicier version.
If you're ever in Hollywood, do check out this yummy restaurant in Thaitown.

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