Beach Plum Kitchen

Happy Friday pretties! Take me back to this yummy brunch at Beach Plum Kitchen in Carlsbad please. If you caught what I wore at my girlfriend's baby shower in yesterday's blog post, this is what we at at brunch with all the ladies!

White sangria

Raspberry mascarpone french toast, coffee cake, two eggs sunny side up, breakfast potatoes and chicken apple sausage

Oh my gosh, everything was delicious! I wish they had this restaurant in Orange County. I would definitely brunch here all the time. The decor of this restaurant was cute with tones of hot pink and grey. The service was great too. They were so attentive and helpful for our party. Their griddle section alone was to die for. I saw strawberry shortcake pancakes to lemon ricotta pancakes.

If you're ever in Carlsbad, definitely check out this yummy restaurant!

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