Stacked Food Well Built

A new burger place just opened in Huntington Beach. I went with the family last weekend. There was a bit of a wait but the food and service was good. 

The main draw of this restaurant is the burgers and Mac and cheese along with their unique ordering system. 

The host seats you and then explains the iPad in front of you that has the menu that you can swipe through and order. A traditional menu was also given to us. 

Hubby and I decided on burgers while our friend got mac and cheese. 
This burger was amazing. It had pretzel bread bun, house made chips, fried egg and bacon on top of the burger. Very tasty. You can also add different dipping sauces so we did sriacha ketchup. 

I ordered the single stack with lettuce , cheese and mushrooms. I dipped it in their sriacha mayo.

Our friend got this decadent lobster Mac and cheese. It was so good and warm
On the skillet plate. 

The decor of Stacked is cute with high ceilings , light fixtures , wood paneling and floors. It definitely has a open floor plan feel.

One cool thing about their ordering system was our food came out pretty quickly and we could pay immediately on the iPad instead of waiting for the check. We'll definitely check it out. They have a great beer and cocktail section too. 

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