Remy Martin tasting

Happy Friday!

Last Saturday, my girlfriend Stacey Nguyen from Trendy Outings invited me to a Remy Martin tasting at OPM Huntington Beach.

It was a fun night of trying Remy Martin V & pineapple juice cocktail along with  Remy Martin's top cognacs.

  • VSOP  - This had notes of vanilla, followed by ripe apricot, baked apple, and an elegant floral notes. It is best enjoyed neat or with ginger ale. 
  • 1738 Accord Royal - This had notes of plum, fig marmalade, toffee and toasted bread. It works best with cocktails that include citrus flavors. 
  • XO Excellence - This includes aromas of late summer fruit and floral white flowers like jasmine. This is definitely one of the rich and velvety of Remy Martin cognacs. 

 It was neat hearing about how cognac is made, the oak barrels they use, and the history of Remy Martin.

More info:

Source for VSOP, 1738 and XO:

Up close on our Remy Martin tastings

Our table with our Remy Martin tastings

With Kimberly Luu

Samples of the oak barrels

With Kimberly Luu and Stacey Nguyen

Outfit details: Zara tunic, Nordstrom leggings, Nine West heels, Zara heels, bracelet


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