DTLA: Cafe Dulce

To wrap up my Downtown Los Angeles series, I have to tell you about Cafe Dulce in the Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo.

I can't believe I missed this cute cafe on all my visits here but they serve donuts, teas, cakes and other pastries. I was drawn to the donuts of course. They had such a cute array of donuts from maple bacon to oreo donuts.

I ordered the

  • fruity pebble donut hole - I loved this one. It had whip cream or custard inside and topped with fruity pebbles. Yum! 
  • green tea donut - This green tea one was too sweet and I sadly did not like it as much as I thought I would. 
  • oreo donut - The Oreo donut was surprisingly sweet and light for having Oreos. It was  hit at home. 

I'll definitely have to come back and order the blueberry matcha tea. I'm a big matcha tea fan and it sounds so great!

More info:
Yelp link


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