Newport Beach Farmers' Market

Happy Monday! Did you know every Sunday there is a Newport Beach Farmer's Market near the Pier? I checked it out the other weekend since I haven't been to Newport Beach Pier in a while. Check out what I brought home below.

I try to eat organic when I can and loved this mustards micro greens. It's perfect vegetable to add to sandwiches or meats. I also love fresh flowers so definitely had to pick up these unique Gerbera daisies. I've never seen white ones with pink outline. It's so pretty!

I usually make my own green smoothies but was intrigues by this Got Green Drinks? organic juices. I bought the Got Brainiac? It has purple kale, purple cabbage, celery, red grapes and green apple. It has that tart and sweet taste that I love about juices.

Definitely check out this Farmer's Market on Sunday!

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