How I spent my summer

Can you believe it's already mid-August? Where did the summer go? I'm having a case of summertime sadness.

Here's how I spent my summer:

Pool time with floaties - I love lazy weekend days at the pool laying out, swimming, working on my tan, going to pool birthday parties. Hanging at the pool just screams summer.

Cruising Balboa Island - my favorite thing to do when I have time to kill is drive through Balboa Island and see all the pretty shops and houses. Sorry Mother Earth for wasting gas! 

Sprinkles - Of course, getting sweet treats at Sprinkles cupcakes and ice cream is perfect year round. I just love getting a cupcake after a pool day. It is just the perfect ending to a summer day. 

Backyard BBQs - If you follow my snapchat (@sunnynblue), you know I love food. The best is summertime BBQs in the backyard with family and friends. Just give me corn on the cob and red wine and I'm a happy gal!

Adventures - Summertime is the perfect time to do something new or reconnect with something you miss. For me, it was rockclimbing. This blurry photo captures pure happiness to go rock climbing again. Who wants to go rockclimbing with me? 

I also took my first and last trip to Yosemite. The drive up was not so fun, but it was kind of nice to be off the grid and see nature. I was surprised at how  many tourists were out checking out the sights like me.

Green juice - There's nothing refreshing like a yummy green juice on a hot summer day or after a grueling workout. I love the Toxin Flush at Nektar. I've become a weekend warrior this summer with workout classes at Lorna Jane, Full Pycle, and 9 Round Kickboxing and my occasional runs at my local park. 

Sushi - Ohmigosh, I absolutely love sushi. I wish I could have it as often as I craved it. I love the revolving sushi restaurant Blue C Sushi at Fashion Island Newport Beach. So bomb! And they even have cotton candy for under $3. Yes please! 

Celebrate Hillary Clinton - I have been a volunteer with the Hillary Clinton campaign in Orange County. I was so excited to attend the Democratic National Convention watch party at El Torito and see Hillary Clinton accept the presidential nomination. It was so fun celebrating with like minded people and see the diversity around the room!


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