Yosemite : Exploring Big Trees Lodge

During our short weekend getaway in Yosemite, we made the most of our time by taking morning strolls and checking out the neighboring town in Wawona.

Wawona had this cute lodge called Big Trees Lodge. It reminded me of the resort in Dirty Dancing that Patrick Swayze worked as a dance instructor. We went to the main house and I was expecting to see dancers but no luck. The historic building was wooden with high ceilings. It housed a main living room, front desk and restaurant. We ate lunch at their restaurant where I had a cheeseburger and fries. It was nice relaxing in their living room playing puzzles, sitting in the comfy chairs and even discovering a working pay phone. I guess you need that when there's no cell service.

Outfit: Wearing Nordstrom Rack tee, Gap shorts, Nikes sneakers, Fitbit Charge and Zero UV sunglasses

For dinner, we did a quick BBQ of steak and corn with mozarella caprese and roasted potatoes. It was a perfect meal before catching the Olympics. 


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