LA Food & Wine Festival : Wine edition

It's Wine Wednesday! Sharing the wonderful wines I tried at the LA Food and Wine Festival. This epicurean event showcases the finest in food and drink culture throughout Los Angeles and culinary personalities from throughout the nation.

It was my first time attending this festival at the Santa Monica Hangar last August. The Lexus grand tasting featured over 200 wines from the world's most prestigious wineries. I'm a red wine fan  and was so excited to try wines from around the world and regions.

Stay tuned for my blog post covering all the delicious food from amazing Southern California restaurants!

More info:
Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival

(Editor's Note: Many thanks for Wagstaff Worldwide Los Angeles for the opportunity to cover this amazing event! )

LA Food & Wine Festival sponsored by Lexus

Le Grand Courtage from France - premium French sparkling wine 
The scene was so energetic and vibrant


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