Happy October ! Last week, I attended the Nitrolado tasting hosted by Hoppie Nguyen. I had the chance to try new Halloween flavors like Coconut Lavender, Pumpkin Spice with Carmelized Bacon and Blood Velvet Brownie. I'm definitely obsessed with their Blood Velvet Brownie flavor ! 

I was obsessed with their Halloween cup. Be sure to catch my boomerang on my @sunnynblueblog  insta. This photogenic cup will be available starting October 24 to Halloween. 

And to save the best for last , but 1 get 1 half off any menu item for all guests in costume October 28 to 30.

More info:
Instagram : @nitrolado 
10212 Westminster Ave #115, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Love this BTS photo by Hoppie ! 


  1. hehe I know I take such good BTS photos. but it was even better because you were in it! I can't wait for Halloween!!


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