She's bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne

I heard First Lady Michelle Obama's  speech Friday morning during my work commute and definitely got teary eyed listening to her compassionate and emotional words. Everything she said about Hillary's opponent , the election, to the current environment we are living in definitely hit home. She basically said what all women were thinking when we encounter and face derogatory language and behavior in our lives.

I can count countless times where I felt objectified :
  • Groped in the elevator during a Hawaii vacation with my dad as a teenager. (Did I tell my dad? No, because I was afraid of his reaction more than how I really felt.)
  • Guys driving by and shouting remarks thinking they are complimenting you as you walk down the street with a girlfriend
  • When guys stare a little too long and make you feel self conscious
  • When my ex-boss and I went on a business trip and there were numerous moments that felt inappropriate 1.) a dinner that felt more like  a date 2.) accompanying me to my hotel room instead of waiting downstairs while I can get my laptop and staring at me while I put my blazer on (Did I tell anyone ? No, because  I'm a strong women and shrugged it off as a on-off.) 
  • When people make assumptions based on your looks instead of viewing you for your expertise and intelligence
  • When people around you disregard you and say inappropriate and offensive comments about other women or races 
  • An overeager guy hitting on you and not getting the hint making you feel uncomfortable
  • I'm sure there are countless other instances in my life I can't recall and I am sure women reading this have their own list too

To all women, know it is okay to speak out and not dismiss inappropriate talk or actions as one offs. The more we say it is not right, the better. 

To strong men out there, thank you for treating women as equals and not basing us off of our looks alone. There is more to women than a pretty face. 

To all children, I hope you don't have to grow up in a world where this type of behavior is normal. I hope you know that you are a valuable, intelligent and  wonderful person. 

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