San Antonio, Texas

Last Labor Day 2018, I visited my college girlfriend in San Antonio. It was a hot humid and fun-filled weekend. We went to several spots around San Antonio.

Historic Pearl Brewery - I got brunch and went souvenir shopping here. I loved the historic architecture of the buildings and how they kept everything intact.

Market Square - This venue reminded me of Olvera Street in Los Angeles. The Market Square is the largest Mexican market in the US occupying a three block outdoor plaza with shops and restaurants in downtown San Antonio. We ate at Mi Tierra restaurant . The  mural paintings were so amazing.

Alamo - We visited the Alamo at night. It was smaller than I imagined. I loved learning about the history and local news about expanding this historic site.

Haunted Tour - At the last minute, we signed up for a 2 hour walking tour of San Antonio. We saw all these haunted spots around the city that are currently hotels, churches and museums that were formerly prisons, hospitals, and housed local government. I highly recommend this spooky tour and learning why San Antonio is one of the most haunted cities in the US.

Forts - We also visited a couple famous forts. They reminded me of the forts in Puerto Rico and the Philippines. I love that the buildings are still being preserved for future generations to enjoy and to keep the history alive.

Selena mural - I made my girlfriend drive me to the Selena mural. If you know me, I love Selena. Her music, that J-Lo movie. She's my absolute favorite and gone too soon.


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