We must end police brutality and racism

Just like you, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster - sadness, anger, frustration , disgust, heartbreak .

 I have watched friends sharing first hand accounts of DTLA protests and looting last night - from fireworks to looting CVS and Whole Foods.

 My next door app warned residents of a protest in Santa Ana tonight and to be careful & stay inside.

 I watched a peaceful protest this afternoon in old town orange on my friend’s IG story.

 I video called  a girlfriend to talk about the recent events and was thankful she didn’t go to LA today.

I have been texting friends to talk about what’s going on in their cities and states. One powerful statement a girlfriend told me was “things gotta get worse before they get better.”

 I watched my fave Vietnamese make up artist Patrick Ta speak about how police are driving by his neighborhood and his neighbor’s houses are getting vandalized.

 I caught ABC7’s news coverage online to learn that Carlos Granda was tear gassed and a cameraman was assaulted just for doing their job and doing an important job of reporting on LA news this evening.

 So, what do we do now?

 We must speak up!

 We check in with friends and fam.

We will have these tough conversations about race relations and police brutality.

 We need to have compassion and love for one another. Don’t teach hate!

 We must respect each other and accept each other’s differences and viewpoints.

 We must acknowledge that Black Lives matter and speak out about the injustice , oppression & inequality that has been happening for far too long.

 It begins with you and I.

 We can change the world with our actions.

(Photo credit : screen grabs from a friend’s IG Story)


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