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Q&A: Virginia

Q: Tell me about yourself.  A: I am a first generation, Guatemalan-American, full time essential worker, bilingual Spanish mom of 3, wife and I love my family, close friends, staying healthy and trying to keep everything balanced at the moment.   Q: Many people are scared when they hear the word protest and equate it to looting , violence and destruction.What have you seen in your own neighborhood ? Have you seen businesses boarded up or affected ?   A: I have seen my city both protest and loot.  I have witnessed a peaceful protest and felt I made the right decision to mask up and join the peaceful protest that took place in my neighborhood park.  I live in one of the most populated cities in O.C and I did witness business in my neighborhood board up during a very stressful weekend on the first of June. Q:  Is protesting effective ? Have you or your family protested before ?  A: Yes, I do feel protesting is effective.  In order to get government officials to list